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Building Blocks of a Winning Proposal

Building Blocks of a Winning Proposal

Building Blocks of a Winning Proposal

  • Have you been told you lost your proposal because you are marginally qualified, or you didn’t understand the scope of work?
  • Have you lost a proposal by a small percentage?
  • Do you have a possible proposal ahead of you and can’t afford to write a loser?

This class was designed for the proposal writer, manager, business owner, or sales executive who is going to be responsible for putting together a proposal that will win the organization’s next federal opportunity. Federal Sales Guide, Eileen Kent, has traveled the country teaching Federal Sales and Proposal Writing Classes for over 20 years and she has worked on sales teams and large proposals so her experience is real-life and the tools and templates provided can be used immediately to save you time, energy and help you capture and win realistic federal opportunities for your organization.

Topics Covered:

PART 1: 2 Hours

  • BUILDING BLOCK 1 – Relationships and Understanding Who is on The Evaluation Committee
  • BUILDING BLOCK 2 – Rules & Acronyms: What are they and how do I stay out of trouble?
  • BUILDING BLOCK 3 – The “Secret” Block for Winners Only: This Revelation will Pay for the Class 10x Over!
  • BUILDING BLOCK 4 – Bid/No Bid Decision – Want to Save Time and Money? Learn how Winners Filter out the Losers.

PART 2: 2 Hours

  • BUILDING BLOCK 5 – The Organized Response – How to Avoid Proposal Pitfalls.
  • BUILDING BLOCK 6 – The Appropriate Writing Style – What does the Government Prefer?
  • BUILDING BLOCK 7 – The “Outstanding” Technical Solution at the Right Price. (This is the Make it/Break it Block)
  • BUILDING BLOCK 8 – The Completed “Bid” Submission – Putting it all together (No Mistakes Allowed!)
  • BUILDING BLOCK 9 – The “Oral Presentation” – How to be the Obvious Vendor of Choice.
  • BUILDING BLOCK 10 – The “Best and Final Offer” – Closing the Deal in the 11th


Includes Comments on How to Turn a Loser into a Winner Down the Road as well as What to Expect from Artificial Intelligence Proposal Writing Tools Available in the Market.

Tools/Templates/Take Aways:

  • This class will walk you through the steps of organizing and managing a federal proposal.
  • Although most proposals are different, we will discuss best practices, large success stories and painful losses. Eileen herself helped a company organize a strategy which won them $65M in 18 months. From that recent experience, you’ll hear all of her proposal team’s lessons learned.
  • This class may bring you to the point where you can easily predict your true chances of a proposal before you spend the time pulling it all together.
  • You will receive a Word Document to Follow Along. The purpose of this being a word document is you will need to incorporate the tools and templates into your proposal library right away.
  • After the training, you will receive an audio recording of the training for future reference and new team members as you change and grow.

Return on Investment:

Eileen Kent Will Teach You How to Only Write Winners.

  • One Proposal Can Take Up to Four People for 30 Days to Write Costing Up to $64,000 in Time and Resources (at $100 an Hour).
  • This Small Investment May Teach You When to Walk Away from a $64K Loser Effort and How to Work Toward Building Multi-Million Dollar Winning Proposals Starting Day One!

Bring with you:

A pad of paper, pen and an open mind.

Every Company should understand the basic building blocks of a Winning Proposal in the federal marketplace. Once you have all the building blocks in place, you’ll have the tools, templates and knowledge to win. If you plan to bring in Artificial Intelligence as a tool to help write proposals, you need to understand the building blocks of what it takes to build a winner – first. This is the ideal class to set your groundwood for success.

Eileen Kent - Federal Sales Guide

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